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Piccadilly is the largest independent manufacturer and seller of malt spirits in India.

Our distillery has six Scottish-style copper pot stills–three are wash stills (25,000 l.) and three are spirit stills (15,000 l.). Together they produce 12,000 liters of malt spirit daily and four million liters annually.

The height of the wash still is 9.7 meters and spirits stills is 5.7 metres. The wash stills resemble a lamp shape while the spirit stills have an onion head in the cone area to increase the reflux, resulting in a light, floral and fruity spirit.

Our American-imported oak barrels are assembled, cared for, toasted, charred and repaired by our expert in-house coopers.

At Picadilly, we embrace a 70/30 philosophy: 70% of the flavor of our spirits comes from our high-quality and attentive labor in the warehouse, that begins with choosing the best barley for our product, while 30% comes from a je ne sais quoi quality, the indescribable mix of the elements and a whole lot of love.



255 KL

production capacity




Our Master Craftsman
Surrinder Kumar
Surrinder Kumar

Our Master Blender

An expert in Indian single malt, Surrinder Kumar has created award-winning malts since 2004. He was awarded Distiller of the Year in 2011.

Our Warehouses


We are currently in the process of expanding our warehousing and coopering operations. We are adding 12 new warehouses and 60,000 barrels in total. This will bring our total capacity to 1,00,000 barrels.

Our Process

Expertly crafted with clarity and integrity, we take pride in every stage of
the production process.

1. Farming

Our story starts with Goda Ram, a barley farmer from Bundi, Rajasthan...Read More

2. Germinating

Only the finest-quality barley is steeped in water and spread out onto malting floors to germinate...Read More

3. Mashing

The dried malt is then ground into a course flour called grist. The grist is mixed with hot water...Read More

4. Fermenting 

To begin the fermentation process, the wort is cooled to 20 degrees C and pumped into washbacks. Yeast...Read More

5. Boiling

The shape of the pot has a mysterious, but important influence in the making of the malt whiskey...Read More

6. Distilling

The wash is distilled twice: in the first stage, it is done to separate the alcohol from the water...Read More

7. Maturing

The stillman tests and judges the distillates. The newly distilled, colourless and fiery spirit is reduced...Read More


Blending is a delicate art. The master blender begins by nosing samples in tulip-shaped glasses and then carefully selects from a wide palate of ex bourbon first fill, virgin oak, ex wine and sherry casks. Different malts, both peated and non peated, are considered in combination and are then left to proverbially marry in casks. Once their union is smooth and natural, the process of bottling begins. This is the final step in the process of making this whiskey, which is one of the best single malt blends in India.